New Fellowship Recruitment

Hey everyone Im Zander Mandrake and I’ve been inactive for a few months lol.

Anyways im making this post to recruit members to the Fellowship. @Shnappers is the current Owner of the discord server. Currently we don’t have any plans to build anything spectacular or anything along those lines and a lot of our members are currently inactive, It’d just be nice to see some new faces around.
We don’t particularly play on any server anymore but me and a few other members are active on the No child server and would like to get to know some of the other players there.

Anybody’s welcome to join the new Fellowship as long as you follow some simple rules (no nsfw and no starting drama)

Some of our members are known to be great players, Some are really kind, and most of them are hilarious. Im curious to see what kind of player you all are.

Hope to see some new members soon .3. <3


What happened to shannon? Wait im banned anyway for leaving and joining.

Hey, I would like to join. I am Nami Kaze, I play actually alot on the no children Server. I built the dog house. :slight_smile:


Could I join?

Wel, probaly not, but you can ask @Shnappers, the new owner.

Hello @KazeNami! Im the player who you trusted as a keeper of the dog house. And yes, of course you can join.


She has problems in real life and decided to leave discord behind.


Try join it! Its the oldest chat group of YAH.

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Hi! :slight_smile: Thank you, nice to meet you here again. I already joined. :smile:

Discord link has expired. Can I get an invite?

The group doesn’t really exist anymore.

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friends servers got introduced. so some of them went to private servers. i wasn‘t in the fellowship tho.

The owner became pregnant and decided to “temporarily” leave, but they never returned. Whether or not that is due to the fact that the baby has now been born and needs to be taken care of in the middle of a pandemic, I’ll let you decide.

I used to be in the Fellowship, but the owner became mad at me and I got kicked out. I don’t remember why though. She was also very fed up in general around that time, judging by her announcements and general chit chat in the Fellowship Discord server.