New fire items to warm up your winter / 冬支度に暖かい新アイテムを (2.18.0)

A professional survivalist needs to update their gear :sunglasses:
More ways to start and maintain a fire longer coming soon. :fire:

Introducing a new fire starter, pine needles can be used as an alternative to tinder, and longer lifespan for fire items that uses more advanced techniques to make and maintain.

Coming soon …


プロのサバイバーにはいつも最新のギアが必要ですね :sunglasses:
新しい火起こし方法の追加と、火をさらに長持ちさせる予定です :fire:




uh nice :slight_smile: i think it’s good to have some options.

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If the pine leaves can burn, fur can also be used as a spark.

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@YThiroki I did think of that, but we are focusing on making it easier to start fires where there’s no juniper trees, like when drilling oil in the snow or if griefer chopped all the juniper trees. :slight_smile:


I like that especially cause pinetrees are replantable! That way you are able to always have a ressource for making fire near without using wood shavings.

Also I am curious how fires can last longer :smile: I wait for that announcement



Just by convenient, it becomes convenient for Greefer.
For example, to be able to get out the berries or put out the fire.
Finally,your idea sounds great!

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I used google translate…

I’m so glad when I heard this announcement that pine needle is gonna be used for fire!:heart_eyes:
I can’t wait to know how long the new fire last… we cannot get the needle two more from the tree at the same time so far. so I’m also curious whether we need to plant many more tree, fire lasts during almost one life or we can get it much more in a short time :smiley:


@Half_Wing there’s usually many Pine trees in surrounding biomes, planting a few should be enough to last till the pine needles fall again :slightly_smiling_face:

I see, nice😊