New flooring/plants/food type

Some ideas i made :slight_smile:



Wild eggplant bushes can be found in greenlands, can produce 2 eggplants.

To get seeds you need to pick up the 2 eggplants first and then use a sharp stone to cut the bush for a seed

Once planted it and watered wait 2 minutes and it can produce 3 eggplants! After picked all the eggplants you need to water it and it can produce it again.


Lettuce can be found in swamps, use a sharp stone to collect 1 piece of lettuce leaf do this 2 times and you will be left with a lettuce seed

Plant the lettuce and water it wait for 2 minutes and it will make 3 lettuce leafs each lettuce plant! Use sharp stone to get the leafs (only wild ones give seeds)


Can be found in jungles pretty common use sharp stone to cut a bamboo patch cannot be planted

(Food types)

1.Eggplant salad

Need eggplant with lettuce leaf, put the eggplant in a bowl and the lettuce.

After that use a sharp stone to crush it and you have a salad! It will give 6+ hunger points


1.Bamboo flooring

Will need one bamboo patch and place it on flooring stakes

2.Straw flooring

Get wheat straw with no wheat and place it on flooring stakes

(Sorry bad English)


we have lettuce already

I hope to have more plants and food.


Speaking of food… french fries can be a thing… #GivePotatoesAMeaning :wink: or Vodka?

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There is cabbage, but not lettuce. It makes sauerkraut and dumplings! And of course can be used with corn to create shredded veggies for a worm compost box.


I’m all down for some grapes and wine