New food ideas

Ok so I posted about being able to make jams that we could store in jars
I wish we could use bananas in pies so we had more use for bananas than just picking and eating them. Maybe even with the option of eating as it is or slicing it on a plate like bread/adding a slice to a bowl and adding cream like we can do with porridge (eat it as porridge or add honey for sweet porridge)
Also apple trees! For apple pie would be so cool, even if they were like super rare to find and grow itd be such a cool concept for us bigger town owners


Also it would be really cool to have more uses for butter, like buttered popcorn or butter on a baked potato


If that’s added there will be more banana pies used than other pies so i think the game should make it harder to make banana pie

I’m just saying not everything has to be simple

Yes potatoe

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Bananas don’t respawn so after a while bananas would run out to make pie for.


Bananas can’t be grown and don’t respawn so they in concept are harder to make than goosberries/raspberries or animal pies

Maybe make bananas plantable then?