New Hair Features :)

I think it would be cool if some sort of hair dye were implemented into the game. You could create a barbershop. You should also be able to create scissors that can do multiple things but can also change your hairstyle to any hair currently in the game, keeping the original color of your hair. There can be hair dye that is brown, blonde, red or any exotic or non-natural colours like pink, blue, purple, etc.

I don’t really know the ingredients in hair dye, so I wouldn’t know how to make it. Making it would be similar to how to make dye for clothes. You can use it on yourself, or other people. You cannot use the dye on moving people. You cannot use the dye on babies. You can, however, use the dye on elders. Which, I don’t know why you would, but, whatever.

The hairdye would become permanent with an extra ingredient. Semi-Perminant dye lasts for five years, whereas perm. hairdye would last a lifetime until you dye your hair another colour. If you use semi-perm. hairdye over normal hairdye, then after 5 years, the permanant hairdye is still there.

As for the scissors, you can use them multiple times on your hair. You can have every hair that is already in the game, and maybe even some new styles. The hair colour you originally had doesn’t change. A girl can have the hair that one of the male characters have and a boy can have the hair that one of the female characters have. If you choose a new hairstyle and dislike it, you can change back to the old one. Scissors do break, just not as quickly as other tools do.


This is the greatest haircut suggestion I’ve seen yet!

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I really love this idea, but I am not sure if you should be able to dye other people’s hair. If you were standing somewhere or doing something without moving, someone could prank you by dying your hair some crazy color. Someone could also cut your hair or restyle it without your permission. Besides that, this is the best idea ever.