New idea for clothing

Ok so I had this idea for.a while and it will come in two updates, (I’ll make another post later covering the second update). So the first update will be about bedazzling or bejeweled clothing. You can find silver pieces in mines and around desert and it will work the same with gold you put a piece of gold, or silver on clothing then bang it with a hammer to line it with gold or silver. Take a wool vest for example, the first gold piece will give buttons to the vest, the second will line the edges with gold, then the third will put a blank emblem on the vest that you can customize by banging a object on the vest. Like roses, carrots, animal skins, and even gemstones. These gems have a 1 in 25 chance of being found in a big mine rock. These gems after being chiseled and polished they’ll be able to be put on clothing or crowns. My next idea will involve putting flowers in hair and clothes and making clothes out of silk. I hope you enjoy sorry there’s no pictures this took me a while to write.

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To be clear these gemstones will be diamonds, rubies, and amethysts.