New ideas for controls

Maybe you can make it an potion to play with virtual joy stick and buttons like maybe put it into settings as a choice


Im dying to have that.

I think it’s easier just to tap where you wanna go.

Like i said it can be an option like in settings. I don’t see what you can lose if you made it an option. If anything some people might use it some might not but it gives us a choice of how the controls are and what we are comfortable with. Like i said you can’t get get alot people unhappy when you can have both.

I love the joystick. My fat fingers get in the way and my stylus doesn’t work on it.

I feel you. Same problem here…

For me it me taping to run and i end up droping my sharp stone or my smith hammer for a random object on the ground then i got make another smith hammer… Or any important items again.

I’d like this as an option too as I keep picking up pineneedles and make a mess.


Even with a styles is a little hard hard to precise play for me.

I got the stylo 4 and i don’t use the stylist.

When you litterly buy a new phone because this game coming out on android and you want make sure your phone can play it.