New Ideas: How to Use Leather

I need help. Because I’m not good at drawing.
So if anyone is good at drawing, please leave a comment.
The paintings I need are drying rack, leather, raw skin, fur, and leather items.

  • I tried to give as close to reality as possible.

1.a source of leather that can be made in a game
: Cows, sheep, pigs, horses, snakes, seals, rabbits, wolves.

  1. Types of leather items
    : bags, handbags, books, drums, leather jackets, shearling coats, shoes, gloves, balls, coats, hats, chaps

  2. How to make (difficult courses removed)
    (1) slaughter the desired animal.
    (2) Peel off the raw skin.
    (3) To prevent corruption, preserve it in salt and dry it.
    (4) Soak it in water and remove any remaining subcutaneous fat.
    (5) Remove the hair.
    (To make fur, do not remove it.)
    (6) Soak it in a lime solution for a period of time and remove it.
    (7) A strong alkali ingredient causes the pelt to swell.
    (8) Wash the pelt with water until it returns to its original condition.
    (9) Dry it on a drying rack.
    (10) Grease a dried pelt with fish oil or fat, then pat it several times.
    (11) Cut and sew in the desired form.
    (12) Dye.



Maybe we could use the «Partial Wooden Frame» to get a frame for tanning leather.


Drying Rack kit
Leather processing
Leather cloth


leather cloth
musical instrument
Giving an idea

board + lasso = drum Kit(1)

Short rod + knife = treenail

drum Kit(1) + treenail = Drum trunk

leather cloth + knife = 2 Cropped leather cloth

Cropped leather cloth + Cropped leather cloth = Cropped leather cloth(2)

Drum trunk + Cropped leather cloth(2) = drum Kit(2)

drum Kit(2) + Hammer = drum