New players

What would you all suggest for people that are very new to the game?

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Hey ^^ Askto be teached, what you want to learn in game. Grab a pie or other type of food and stand near smithing area( if someone is working it), to teach yourself some basic smithing. Check tutorial book in game ,from time to time, to help you out with the recepies.

Hope these little steps help you learn :heart:

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Yum bonus. Makes lots of different kind of food and eat each one only once not twice unless you want to start over your yum bonus.

Don’t asked to be teached, instead watch them do their job and learn by watching it. Only asked when you’re confused about something.

Makes yourself warm so your food bar decrease slower. Avoid cold terrain like snowy and swamp.

Welcome, Leedle!!

There are lots of newbie threads here on the forum, so do not hesitate to search for things like “tutorials” and “new player” to find them. I will try to bump a few to the top, as well.

Here is my own best advice for brand new folks: To all the new players recently - #2 by Quartermoon

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