New recipe knowledge

@Christoffer i was wondering if yall could make a webpage or a mobile app that shows all the new yah recipes. Me and a lot of other players use one tech to advance our knowledge of recipes but i dont think they will add yah recipes to it. And as more techs and items are added to the ohol and yah players will become confused about whats available in yah. Its not to big of an issue right now but as more elaborate recipes are added some techs might not be feasible for average players.


Wouldn’t making a mobile app be costly though?

Idk. They could add it to the game to since the recipe book is already programed in maybe the could add a search function to it

I agree, I’ve been looking for one. No idea how to use the rice. I’m a OHOL player mostly, but I like YAH a lot too. Something similar to

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Oh yeah there is the recipe book… Still it would be cool to skim over while I’m not actively playing, but thanks for the reminder :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s an idea. There’s a Wiki for OHOL, maybe creating a separate wiki for YAH… No?