New Servers?

I noticed that servers are slowly being added to the list. I was wondering, are these official servers or is there a way to add private servers? I know that the player count is too low for everyone to add their own server. But when this app is released publicly I am going to want to adapt my already existing, yet turned off server, for use with the app. Mainly for the ability to play around with the server settings file. Just a thought that popped into my head when I went to play today.

We do not support custom servers because the code is different. You saw a new server today is because I fired it up to test the next update.

I shut it down just now to avoid confusion. I may need to do some more testing later. But the idea is new servers may be added at any time to accommodate more players or provide better connection if we feel that is necessary. Just want to make this clear. :grin: