New update v0.9.10 with data version 128 is coming out!

Hi everyone, we have pushed a new update just now. It has the same version number v0.9.10 for administrative reasons. But it really is a newer version with interesting stuff in it. Here they are:

  1. Merged Jason’s latest contents (data version 128). Who can domesticate the first cow?

  2. You can create a link to your family tree and share it with others now. It is a lot more interesting to let others view your character in your family tree when you talk about your story. In this update there is a new “link” button next to your character, like this :point_down:

    If you click it, a dialog will pop out. You can then click the “Share” button to create a link behind the scene and once it’s done your system’s app chooser menu will show up to let you decide where and what to do with the link. It is simply a hyperlink in the form of .You can send it to your friend or post it on the forum.
    If one with our app installed clicks on the link the app will automatically start and load the family tree and character the link points to. Then he/she can view the family tree in the app just like him/herself played it.
    If the app is not installed on receiver’s device, he/she will be lead to the forum for the time being. Once the game is released to the market, the app’s page on app store/play store will open in this case.

  3. The “To Killer” button is now moved to the right side of “Killed by xxxxx” text in case of murder and will hide if the victim player is not the focus. Also the button gets an appearance change.

  4. A “LIFE STORIES” button is added to the lower right corner of the family tree. Clicking on it will start your web browser and open the life stories category of your main language choice. With the family link and this convenience button we encourage every player to share your own or read others’ life stories.

  5. In the game displaying one player’s information by tapping or touch-and-hold onto the character will also display player’s age. This is a way to know how old you and other players are.

  6. You can interact correctly with floor objects now. Turn floors back to boards or put down bear rugs.

  7. Fixed the bug that medical apron could not be used as container. Now it works properly. In case you have both backpack and apron on you, whichever one closer to your touch position will be your container target.

  8. Fixed a lot of sound related bugs. These include kindling creation sound was missing, some sounds didn’t play anymore after multiple sessions, etc.

  9. You may be asked to rate the game. This one may not work correctly yet due to the fact that the game is not on the market yet so there’s no place for you to rate it.

  10. And last but not least: The server super-lag issues have been taken care of (but you have probably experienced this for yourself already, since this was done some days ago through a server update).

The public release is only days away now. If this version does not have serious bug it will become 1.0 after we receive translated contents for different languages.

Best regards from OHOL for Mobile team


Absolutely amazing! Looking forward to try domesticating a cow! :laughing:

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We beat you guys to it

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Clicking on the link to view someones family tree does not work for me. Keeps saying network error occured.

Nice naming skills!


Could you post the link and device info?

Its actually the one you posted.
Im using a iPhone 6
IOS 11.4.1

I dont know if you still remember, but I still am having the issue of not being able to view any family trees i go in.

I wish we had the option to name our animals, our cows and horses whom we love.

Do you know if you have any extra security enabled on your phone, or limitations on what’s allowed?
Have you tried the old reboot trick?

I just configured the lineage server differently. Could you please try to load the link again and see if you still keep getting the error?

I built this village from scratch, most of the time alone, took me many hours … glad to see more people here ⁦❤️⁩ (de normal-1)

Amazing update!

Wow I’m super excited to finally be to this point!!! Sorry I’m not too active on the forums… but I’m excited!!!

Ok, so now the link does work for me, but other than that my other family trees still wont load.

OK good to know that. That means my tunning worked for you. I will apply the same change onto other servers during the day by then the problem should completely go away.