New update v1.10.0. What's new

Hi everybody,

There is a new update v1.10.0 coming now. In this update:

  1. Data version upgrades to 195. The new contents in this update are exclusive for mobile. There is a new monument that you can construct in your village, which will provide peace and protection. Read more here:
  2. There will be an event this weekend where you can try out the new content, but also build a lot of other stuff that you may never have had time for before. Check out the event here:
  3. Sometime after the weekend, we will start removing the No-PK setting on the Beginner servers. Use the new monument instead.
  4. Some icons in game are updated/repositioned.
  5. Fixed some bugs, including swipe-up gesture ignored obstacles and paper-notes did not work with AM stations.

OHOL for Mobile team

Japanese here:


So that’s why Singapore and Europe server are shutting down

This is all very good!