New version 0.9.9 is available now! What's new?

New version v0.9.9 has been submitted to App store/Play store and is waiting for approval. It should become available to you farily soon.

In this update we have added new functionalities and also made changes to existing systems. Here they are:

  1. Nudity is permanently off. The options are removed from the settings menu as well. Note: Everyone is born as female in beta phase unless otherwise noticed.

  2. Settings menu has been changed and has a better look. You can see your app’s binary and data versions here now. There are more options available in it as well, which will be covered below.

  3. A game server browser is added. This browser shows up after you click “Get Born” button. And it looks like this:

    Each row displays some information about one game server, namely it’s name (server id), the data version of the server, the state of the server, the player load of the server (current player / max player allowed), the ping time to the server from your device (the smaller this value is the better connection you have to this server) and a short description about this server.
    You can pick one server by clicking its name or anywhere else on its corresponding row. If the picked server is selectable its name will be marked like in the above image. If it is not selectable to you due to version incompatibility or it is shutting down, it will display like being grayed out. Clicking the “Start” button will let you be actually born onto your selected server.
    Currently we have launched 3 new servers that match this update as shown in the image above. They are located differently geographically. “de-normal-1” is in Germany, “sg-normal-1” is in Singapore and “us-normal-1” is in USA (west coast). You can choose anyone that you like.

  4. There is a dedicated naming button now, to name yourself or your kid. The keyboard button is not used for naming anymore. When you can name yourself or your child, a separate naming button will show up on lower left side and start to jump up and down.

    Clicking this button will bring up the touch keyboard and let you input the name as before. After you finish the naming this button will disappear.

  5. Two in-game settings are accessible through a in-game settings UI. Clicking the gear icon on the top right corner will make it visible.

    One setting is to limit your frame rate. It will cap your fps to 30 instead of trying to running at 60. The game may run less smoothly after it is turned on but will reduce battery consumption. Toggle it on and off should take effect immediately.
    The second setting is your game view. The effect is that you can zoom in or out. The default is medium which is unchanged from before. Choosing “Near” will have a zoom in effect and make every object/character larger. We think ‘Near’ will help people interact better on small screen devices or with large fingers. Choosing ‘Far’ option does the opposite. Its zoom out effect will let you see a larger field (and things will become smaller of course). ’Far’ will give you an experience boost if you use large screen devices from 10 inches and up.
    These two settings are also accessible through the settings menu outside of the game.

Please let us know how these changes work for you!

Best regards from OHOL for mobile team


I have a suggestion:

If you are going to remove nudity, at least add our ages in the food bar. I have been playing for too long with nudity for you just removed now. I use my tits as a reference for knowing if I’m avalible to give milk. As the same that we use our hair to know if we can grab stuff or not, and the same for the hair color when we can’t give milk any more.

Please. Add something to know between a Male and a Fimale, and a teenager and an adult.



I like the idea of displaying the age on the food bar. How about adding the gender sign too? Maybe like that so other people can see the age and gender when selecting other players too?

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I’m playing on iPhone 7 Plus so the Far view allows me to play in landscape mode and it feels more like I’m playing on desktop. I don’t get lost as easily and it makes my experience playing the game so much more pleasant than before this update. I can now actually do stuff while looking after my babies too.

The name button reminded me to name myself and I’ve been remembering to name every single one of my kids without exceptions.

30fps feels a little weird the first couple of minutes but after a short while my eyes adjust and I don’t even notice a difference. I played for an hour with the lower frame rate and my battery was on saving mode. That way I used 25% of my battery playing OHOL for one hour, no other apps opened. I haven’t yet played for an hour with 60fps but when I do I’ll let you know if it takes more than 25 percent off of my battery life and how much more precisely.

Bottom Line:
Great Improvements with the map views especially. I love it!

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Since nudity is removed you could add some sort of marker to show age / maturity level and gender somewhere on the screen or in a sub screen in order for players to know the gender as a baby and maturity level to see when you can give milk and when you cannot give milk any longer.

I use the amount of letters I can type to tell my age

Until the last update I cannot log in to the game

I’m not sure if the server is under maintenance or if it’s my connection … PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Only appear this menssage

Everyone is having the same issue. Pretty sure the server is down for maintenance.

Hey thanks for the new update i am loving how quickly u guys a rolling this stuff out thumbs up to the devs :+1::+1::+1: also a huge thankyou to you guys the ones that are cummunicating so much with us!!! Buuutttt with the recent update to the gane that added 3 different servers i thought/you guys thought this would fix my problem of the lag i constantly experienced however after exitedly updating the game i soon came to the relization it didint fix my problem i tried all the servers all really laggy. (I live in nz btw)

Those are truly horrible ping times to all three servers, Henry. I’m not sure if this is about New Zealand in general or if it’s more local to you, but the issue is definitely with your own internet connection. My ping times are 20% of yours to US and Singapore, and 5% to Germany.

Does this mean that it will be launched on the AppStore?
And if so will it cost money and if t does how much??

We are still in beta phase. As long as the version number starts with a zero (0.9.9 right now), we are not ready for release.

Oh ok but is the beta phase still open and if so I really want to play.

I have sent you an invitation through TestFlight. Please check your email.

Ok I will check ty very much!!

How do u play i cant find out how

Ios or android?