Newbie Servers

Lots of spammers have entered the game recently. Naming me and others things like Hitler, and N*—
And trying to be rude or just spawning to ruin a society. And cursing is hard because mobile servers dont have that many people.

Anyway I think for their first 24 hours of time in the game they should be confined to the beginner server.

And this should be a internal timer not an external.

This shouldnt cost money as an update ^-^

As well oOR just this.

People who do spam who have been cursed will get locked from the server they have been cursed in for 24 hours. The only server unlockable should be one all it’s own called Global.

It should be for all languages and such.
But be the only one with a higher cap.(off topic)but I need these spammers and trolls to get out. Thanks sweeties.