I have a reed bundle - how do I create a basket?

combine 2 reed bundles! btw, to get the basics down, maybe you might want to check this post out!

Pitty, I am in the tutorial and cannot fix a basket toget on. I looked into the manual book - are those suggestions or do you create things by clicking on items?

They are only hints. You create by holding one item and swiping your finger starting a distance away from your target and ending the swipe with your finger on the target (which will show a light outline) and release the touch there.

Note that the second reed bundle has to be picked up and put down away from the reed tile before you can use it as a target (with the first reed bundle in your hands)

Ok - this seems like it may be a good place for a super noob question.

On iOS, new player, watched tutorials, happy crafting away and have kiln etc. But … how on earth do you pick up a baby? I can’t pick them up and I’m killing babies left, right and center :wink:

As simple as tap on the baby with empty hand.

Yes, drop whatever you are holding first. Can’t item swap with babies.

Thanks both, must have been holding something every time, doh!

Ah, two bundles are needed, why on earth didn’t I think of this?? Of course, it takes two to tango. I will tell you when I managed to light the torch… proberbly in a week or so.