Newcomen Machine—what’s next?!

Hey! I have finally got my Newcomen device and all the various parts. So what should I make first? What is the most interesting thing you have made once you’ve gotten this technology?


watering can is very convenience.
I like firestriker a lot as you need no leaf or bellows then.


car… :smirk:(lot of work and lot of iron!!but fun to drive)

and if you like glas yarn, you can make a glas pipe.
I think you need the roller, then drill, THEN JUST ROLLER(the first machine) AGAIN. this is the part where one often search long. maybe the pipe need to be heated again before put in roller…


Ha! All the glass jars and such! Fun. And a watering can would be awesome.


You could make a blowpipe for baby bottles :hushed:

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Technically you can get fire starter and watering can from the trader for mined gold. So I think the most useful is the blowpipe. Can also be transferred to other cities, skip a bunch of tech and still make glass with it. Also needed for rubber noodles I think.

All great suggestions! I am trying to figure out the steps to a watering can. I so wish the guidebook would go further forward in a recipe than one step!!