News from China / 中国版についてのニュース

The team has been very busy for a while now, which is why there hasn’t been an update for a while.

Due to a policy change in the China App Store we had to change the China version into a free version with limitations and incentive ads. That took quite some effort to do in a reasonable way, without shortchanging the people who have paid money for the game. The way we did it was basically to introduce some limitations for the free players, which don’t affect the paying players (I’m phrasing this simplified, it is actually quite complex).

On the plus side, there has been an avalanche of new players in China since we released the free version, so maybe it was worth the extra effort. Look at the number of downloads…

It’s done now though and we are working on an update for you guys next. There will be some nice stuff in it to make your lives easier when you have advanced up the tech tree enough :grin:

Stay tuned…



中国のApp Storeの規約が変わったので、中国版を無料にして制限や広告の追加をしなければなりませんでした。すでにゲームをご購入されていた方のためにも、不当な変更にならないよう、かなりの努力が必要でした。具体的には、無料版プレイヤーの方にいくつかの制限を設け、有料版プレイヤーの方にはその制限がないという形にしたのです(簡単に言いましたが、実際はもっと複雑な作業です)。


こちらの作業を終えたので、今は皆さんに向けてのアップデート作業に取りかかっています。村が発展した後、さらに生活を便利にしてくれるアイテムも入っていますよ :grin: