Next update ideas - Rubber tyres on horse cart to hold more items!

I know I can’t be the only one who would love the option of upgrading the horse carts to hold more items?
Maybe that can be something to consider for the next update?
Rubber tyres on the wheels/springs/some sort of metal wheel/rubber combo.
Anything that an advanced town can do to upgrade would work.


Agreed! & maybe adding an engine could further extend this storage space to 8 maybe??? (speed would be kept the same! - tbh the speed of the car makes me dizzy aha)


hahahah same. the speed of the car is too fast. :rofl:


Yes to more space. Also, a way to bring your baby with you so you dont have to do birthcontrol temporarly or risk losing your child to the wolves. Im thinking either a type of seat you can put in the kart (made of basket+rope+maybe some wooden components. Just brainstorming) or baby harnesses (like some modified backpacks).
The seat would need a bottle or that you stop every now and then to breastfeed.


Im also for horsecarts that Takes Like 6/8items. I 'll pefer if it’s possible to built without newcomen. So it’s not only an advanced thing, but can be used in earlier state already. For getting wood and clay

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Aaand rubber tires cart should last longer or forever as it takes some worktime and items to built it


I think you have deserved an upgrade of the horse cart by now, so we’ll try and get a 6-slot version available in the next update or so. Cheers!


Christfor you can’t apply that to the gamez it’s already in OHOL, if you do, you will end up copying their content.

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It depends on how its implemented.

For example as long as none of the code for the upgrade is a match for the code in OHOL along with unique artwork there shouldnt be a legal problem.

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