Nice deeds you should do

So I normally help people in the game if they do need help but I have seen players who don’t even care about those players that need help at times, so I made this to list some deeds you should do to help people.

  1. If ur not new to the game and see someone who is new trying to cook or make iron etc. help them so they would learn it.

  2. Feed and name the afk player’s babies it doesn’t matter if ur a girl, boy, and age. If ur a boy u can feed them berries and if ur not like 14 ask someone to name them.

  3. I think it would be nice when u get old and can’t have kids no more and u have clothes on why not give ur clothes to baby like ur grandchildren or someone u don’t know.

  4. Help a farm that is oh most dead

  5. Please Don’t run away if ur a boy you can still help by farming, cooking, hunting, and etc.

Please do one of these deeds once in a awhile or all ways do it. If u know a nice deed that I didn’t put in this post please do put it in the comments it could be helpful to someone.:smile: