No child server tactic for solo camping

This is a tactic i came up with for solo players who are spread out through the servers do to either not wanting the private servers for various reasons etc.

So instead of relying on a stranger burying you in order to get back to your camp, on the no child servers you spawn in the same general area everytime at the spawn town we have made.

The tactic i came up with is as follows

  1. go as far as you can from spawn in one life make your eve homemarker.
  2. Respawn at spawn twice so you have a corpse to burry and then burry yourself.
  3. Go as far as you can and make a new eve homemarker.
    (Repeat until you feel its a safe distance)
  4. Find the perfect location for your home
    Don’t forget your general anti griefer fortifications.

Also you could remove the evidence of your homemarkers to cover your tracks after you respawn.

I originally wanted to DM this to people who i suspected of being solo players in order to avoid griefers figuring it out, but since im not too active currently and many of the solo players are on servers i don’t play on i felt itd be better to just post it here.

I doubt all the solo players will make the migration right now but i suspect it will be relatively soon since griefers can still easily find solo homes on other servers.

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Also be curtious and don’t drain the spawn of resources
Like don’t kill last sheep or take horse carts for ya journey that you didn’t make since it will kinda become a hub for respawning and a few players like to play there. Please and thank you .3.

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