No-Children Servers / 子どものいないサーバー

We are planning to launch a type of event server which will run at all times (not just on weekends).

Only players who have successfully lived a life until 60 years of age will be able to play on these servers, so they are not for the complete beginners.

The rules on these servers will differ from the normal play in these ways:

  • Everyone spawns as an adult. There are no children or family trees.
  • Everyone spawns around the center of the map (this may change in the future).
  • No player killing. A player can still die if many people Banish them though.

The idea is that players who don’t like to play in families can choose to play on these servers instead. They will have no reason to abandon a lot of children this way, which is good both for them and for the players who do like to build families.

Also, if you only have time to play for 5 minutes, you can do that on these servers without feeling bad for abandoning a family when you need to stop playing.

We intend to repurpose the current Japan-Live server for this (it has not been extensively used lately), and we will also launch one server in America (East, so it’s low latency for European players too).

We look forward to seeing what kind of towns and civilizations you will build on these new worlds. Maybe it will become a bit like the popular Eternal Cities event, who knows? It’s up to you players :smile:

Does this sound interesting, as an alternative play mode?

// The Team





  • 全員が大人として生まれます。子どもはおらず、家系図もありません。
  • 全員がマップの中心周辺に生まれます(これは変更する可能性があります)。
  • 殺人行為はできません。たくさんの追放によってプレイヤーが死ぬことはあります。




この新しい世界に皆さんがどのような街を作り上げるのか、楽しみにしています。もしかすると、人気のイベント「永遠の街」に似ているかもしれませんね?でも、それは皆さんの遊び方にお任せします :smile:




This sounds awesome!

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This will be a funny test.:smirk:

Hey, this sounds very interesting! :slight_smile: Would love to try it out.

I can see that this server would be crowded AF.

How many adult women can be online at the same time

This sounds amazing! Not wanting to abandon a family after 20 minutes as a girl is one of my biggest deterrents to playing, now I won’t have to worry!


I hope the new server Able to kill Bad guy,We can’t rule out people who cause trouble.So please consider.

I don’t think so,I can’t kill people. What can I do if someone breaks into my house and I play alone?He will occupy my home. I am forced to share my home with him. It is impossible. It makes me very sad.I won’t allow this to happen.
​I don’t know why you let this server not kill. Shouldn’t this server be the only server that needs to kill?
​This sterile server can’t kill enemies. What’s the difference between this server and novice server?
​When we choose to play on a server, we will definitely consider many aspects. Just because we can’t kill, we have already retreated. Although there are many people, the playing time is different
٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧*We will build many beautiful buildings on the map, so if someone intrudes into my home, I have no way to deal with him. He may cut down my trees and destroy my buildings.
​I hope you can understand and reply me. Thank you

For fighting griefers, try using banishments. If we allow killing, the good players will be at greater disadvantage than otherwise, since there aren’t families to protect you.

We can of course change things on these servers later, but try the banishments for now and then give more feedback once the server has been running a bit and we can see how it turns out.

Sound good?


What about solo players who just want to peacefully live in their house/farm? I’d like to assume that one banishment won’t get rid of a griefer, let alone multiple.

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Do you imagine that the “peaceful” players would be the ones who kill others, or is it more likely to assume that player killing would be performed by not-so-peaceful players? My bet is on the latter.

News for private server owners:

These no-children servers are kind of a middle ground between private servers and regular public servers. We will give the owners of private servers an option to vary where they play by adding a feature from the private servers to the no-children servers:

In the next release, we will add the “permanent home marker” functionality to the no-children servers. It will only be active for private server owners, because it is likely that it will mean that the capacity requirements for the servers will grow, and these are the players who pay for their own use of server capacity. It is fair that they get value from their investment, we think.






wasn’t playing for two month. came back to test the new server. its nice! i enjoyed it. good job!

my respawns were almost at the same place. maybe the eve spiral has to increase, because of resources. but for the moment its okay =)

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Yah i dont think it will be long till it turns into a mega city lol. Hopefully if you keep playing you can build some exploratory roads so that people can find their ways back and then it would be perfect. It was funny i started playing on the server found the town and was like… It feels like heidis been here then sure enough i found your stables on the east side lol

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@Christoffer there is no discord server yet for communication.

I’m curious, if those of us with private servers destroy our marker, will we get to rejoin the rest on the Eve spiral?

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I love the no children server XD its amazing and works great