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新鮮な食べ物を摂取すると30秒~1分ほどの間、体温が1ゲージ上がります。 ボーナスの最大数は3つ。
同時に彼らは労働の喜びに飢えています。 もしも食べ物の長期保存が出来なければ、新鮮な食事をより好むようなります。


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食べ物は満了期限(expiry date)があったら、ちょっと困ることがあります。まずどんな時に作ったか、いつ腐るかを考える必要があります。例えば、パイとシチューが腐ると、その皿と鍋まだ使うことできるか。その食べ物自体が消えるのですか。それなら、逆に食べ物が腐るから、みんなはすぐり食べるようになる可能性もあります。食べ物が腐るなら、果物と肉は腐るですか。:slight_smile: 難しい問題ですね。どう思う?
If food have expiry date , life would be harder . For example, we have to think when is the food made and when will it expired. If the pie or stew expire, is the plate and pot still useable? Will they just disappear? If food will all expired , maybe people will start eating more berries . If food will expired , will fruits , plants and meat expire too. It is a really hard question indeed . What do you think?

English translation for your convenience.

If you eat fresh food, your temperature will rise by one gauge for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. The maximum number of bonuses is three.
If the environment gets tougher as generations continue, people will naturally starve.
At the same time they are hungry for the joy of labor. If food can not be stored for a long time, it will prefer fresh meals.
It is a bowl that hurries to fire and seeks fresh food.

We talked about “economic activity after development” in the previous topic, but I think that the existence of steam engine is promoting stagnation after development.
It is poison that it can be used forever.
If you consume large amounts of health food, it is unhealthy.
I think that the amount is also appropriate.