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Please enable wheat and charcoal pile.
Pile of items is a very useful feature!
I think that it is good to store in Clay Crock as another suggestion.


Don’t we already have charcoal piles?

Oh, I get it.

Thanks for your suggestions. I like the idea of storing wheat in a crock. What other items would be good to “pile” inside a crock?

Carrots and seeds



I love the idea of crock storage. I’d want to put things like corn, carrots, potatoes and maybe bananas in them. Typical food storage type things.

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Eggs, arrow, carrots

Oh. Remember the latest PC update? Where they can stack up carrots or put the seed on the bowl. Or undo crafting using adze? I thought you will update it that way last month.



I think it would be cool if we could store a few baskets inside a crockpot that can be seald with a plate and round stone. It could reset the timer on the baskets but take 30 mins or something for it to be openable

Instead of using the crock pot it could be a storage barrel as a new structure or since it would be a barrel maybe it would be a medium item like split stones that could be carried in carts but would make you slow if carried normaly.

Use planks on a simmering crockpot with water add two steel blanks to the flexible boards then use a smithing hamer to make a storage barrel.

crockpot+bucket of water = crockpot of water
crockpot of water +fire = boiling crockpot
planks + boiling crockpot = treating planks
Treating planks + time = treated planks in crockpot
Hands + treated planks in crockpot = treated planks
Treated planks + 2 steel blank = incomplete Barrel
Incomplete Barrel + tool ( adze or maybe hammer) =barrel

Make it able to store 2 or three baskets of resources such as soil, sulfer, clay, charcoal

Since it needs iron blanks it would be nice if it could store six items if its made into item storage like boxes. But would still be great if it only stored 3 items if it could be put into carts and didnt degrade.

Barrels would also be great gateway technology for things like blackpowder for flintlocks or explosive barrels to remove ancient walls and floors… Or to surprise unexpecting players :stuck_out_tongue:



When I take care of sheep, I am often bothered by “Sheep Dung”.
If “Shorn Domestic Sheep” can be used to create “Sheep Dung”, there will be no more places to put Sheep Dung.
It consumes more resources, but it is good to be able to pile “Sheep Dung” in Clay Crock or Empty Bucket.


What if someone then uses the crock to make stew? :nauseated_face:

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引用 What if someone then uses the crock to make stew? :nauseated_face:

→There is no one who actually makes the meal as it is and I hate it.
However, almost everyone eats a stew using a bowl soiled with sulfur or soil. And no one cares about that.
There is no need to wash dishes with water and detergent. The risk of food poisoning is zero.
If there is resistance Put water in “Dirty empty bucket” and “Dirty clay crock” and wash it. It can be used as “empty bucket” and “clay crock”. I think that disinfection is the best using salt water.


確かにそうですよね( ̄▽ ̄;)