Noob server plan

So see mostly the us newbie server is the one that is mostly populated. What’s everyone’s plan going in? It seems people just grief or do random useless things. Having a backpack but not utilizing it. Building road to nowhere. Or building walls for what. I’m wondering what’s the motivation for some.

They are just trying to live their best life.


They probably learning some stuff there as you can see it’s beginner server. What i doesn’t understand is why they grieving there?

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It’s called a beginner server for a reason.


Not really sure why there is griefing in the us beginner, but it can get bad.
While there isn’t direct murder, they set loose bears, hide food, steal tools and hide them, break down animal pens, kill all the animals, chop down every tree, among other things…
Not sure if is new players just trying to figure stuff out or experienced players who like ruining towns…
I usually try to play in the normal us server but will play in the beginning one from time to time because there is more players there.