I can’t believe we have no noodle food in this game. Is it because there’s no Asian avatar? I hope one day we have noodles and Asian avatar too.


Noodles will give us 12 food

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Combine with other food? Or the noodles itself?


That’s a lot of food!

I mean food bars

Lol yah 12 food bars seem about right for wheat noodels. Add pork and veggies for a ramon and make it a 20+ food like the rabbit, berry,carrot pies. Could also make it in the sctock pots and it would have multiple feedings then.

Now , we need a step to make noodle .

  1. First like bread , we pour water into the flour and wait but instead of a plate , we put the dough into a board .
  2. Get a roller and cut the thing with knife.
  3. Put it into the pot .
  4. Add goat , pig or chicken to make goat, pig or chicken noodle soup .
  5. Can add salt or carrot , cabbage and so on.

If we get to make spagetti too, then
Repeat 1 to 3 and boil,
4. Add to tomato sauce(new plant , just mash up tomato in bowl )to plate after noodle.
For carbonara,
4. Add cheese(new recipe) to plate after noodle .