Not fun at all for EU player

There are some massiv problems that ruin the game. I play at the EU2 server, we are just a hand full of people here and the game is not made for that. I lost my place the 4th time now and I give up on this game now! You die pretty fast by mistake, when you are one or two people trying to build a place:

When you die of hunger and placed the lily at your marker it’s worthless…if nobody makes you a grave. It’s not working out like this. What is the problem to make it possible to get reborn near your old home if you like??

I did so well the last time and you don’t hear the starving sound when you doing stuff, holding something and cooking. I made stew just to die and end up with a person having nothing build yet, not able to get back home.

When you have a tiny place and try to build, you are constantly struggling with the food, or you can’t build anything…that’s okay…but to respawn at a diffrent place just makes you mad after trying so hard :frowning:

The US server are much slower for me, I would have liked to play at the EU server.


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It’s really hard to go back without people
So I just use a personal server In this place, even if you are alone, you are born in a place with a home marker
It’s charged, but it’s cheap, so I’m just using it There’s the advantage of not having a gripper

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I have a personal server too, but it’s getting a little lonely after a while…
I only use my personal server to learn new stuff, so I don’t mess up when I play with others :smiley:

The game would be much nicer if you could respawn where you placed a marker no matter your death and bones, on all servers :confused:

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do you have discord?
it’s true there only a few players on Europe server. but we can try to help each other. it’s easier on discord to chat at the same time and ask to get bury.

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Yes I do, just installed it a few weeks ago :slight_smile:
CyanClymene #3673
Good thing if we can support us on EU server. Playing on the US server, most of the time, you can only move so damn slow :smiley: it’s almost funny…like leeeettt me graaab thaaat, uh, it’s gone XD
I tried to show a player how to rebuild the edge of a sheep fence, they had a gap in there, no chance to get the thing out with shovel and wooden hammer because I just couldn’t move that fast.
They probably thought “what the hell is she doing…” XD


:joy: I know what you talking about.