Oddity base stone turned into an other object

I want all my oddity base stone back…
I have spent all my time on the private server to find them and connect them with the road, but all of them have turned into some other objects.

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do you mean the monoliths?

Yes, I think it is called so. The the rectangular stone with 3 holes standing, where you can put gold.
I found around 15 of them, 14 of them connected with stone road. Now all those that do not have gold have turned into something else​:sob::sob::sob:
I am seriously considering to quit this game. It took me so much of time. I bought the private server with a month or two after it was released since then I was doing this with some break😭

Complain it to Christopher or Ember. If lucky , you might get a reply from them. Try your luck first .

I reported the problem, I’ll get back to you when there’s an answer. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you very much for your support. I will wait. I have 13 days and 27 days left for friend server and solo server.

Meanwhile, let me tell you why I started connecting monoliths. First of all, I saw many beautiful, fantastic and artistic villages here in this forum, twitter and other places and I realised I am no where in match with those artistically talented people and I wanted to do something that nobody was doing, or known to be doing. And I found it quite fun finding monoliths and connecting them. Maybe I AM 風変り😂

What other objects did they turn into?

What was the map cleanup time settings on your server?
Also is it a solo server or friend’s server?

Something like triangle shape called eter or something, but I have seen burdock turned into rapseberry, too.

The clean up setting is at 1 month, but I believe right now the clean up function is turned off and not working. Am I right?

And the changes I noticed is on friend server

Sent you a DM