Off Topic Category

An off topic category would allow for users to find things in common with other users and maybe even make friends. I’d also think it’d allow for more discussion in the forum and make it more active. I hope an off topic category is put into consideration! Cheers! :blush:

Here’s what I mean by an off topic category:


Although #lounge sort of serves as an off topic category, not everybody can see #lounge.

How about general categories?

General is about the game.

Like the idea. It would be pretty handy. (And also what is that picture :joy:)

The image in the first post?

Yes i like it though

It’s just an example.

We get it @Kking.

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Still, I really hope this is put into consideration.

I agree that it will Bring more activity to the forum.
Maybe make a poll about it.this way we can see if people feel the need for it, and if it is going to be used in the future. Another possibilty, Instead of adding a catergory, we make it so the “lounge” is accesable for everyone.

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That could work too. Then they could rename it to off topic.

Poll time!

  • I want an off topic category
  • Make the lounge category public
  • I don’t want an off topic category

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On one day, I saw the #lounge category,and then I can’t find it.:thinking:What happened?