OHOL just got fancy clothes

We’re still stuck with peasant clothes! :angry:

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It looks like it’s the 1800s on pc

This clothes needs to be in Yah too!

Its going to be a while guys. We have to go through multiple updates first since the debelopers had always been behind the pc version for multiple reasons. Such as letting the players of the original pc game enjoy the original content before adding it to mobil etc.
Especially now that Christopher and the team have to focuse on making the game difreant to keep people from mistaking it as the same game as ohol but keep the quality at or above its previous level.
And even then Yah might hard fork from ohol before then (meaning no more pc updates for mobile) but that doesnt mean we wont get similarly structured updates and items eventually for better or worse.

So stop acting like the Yah developers are specifically leaving out updates because they look cool. Your going to give new forum members the wrong ideas about the developers.


I was joking. They can take as much time as they need.

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Sorry id been awake for a while and was really tired when i posted that i could have worded it better. Still am tired ;-;