Oil lamp for decoration

I like oil lamps and they were the first lamps. They even existed before candles.

So here is a recipe for an oil lamp. Use a bow drill on a plate before you burn the plate in the kiln. You created a plate with a hole. Fill a bowl with oil. Close the bowl with the plate with the hole. Add a rope. Light it with fire. Now you have a decoration light.

The flame wont go out. But you cant use it for getting fire. It’s decoration.


Additionally there should be some way of dismantling it and recycling or throwing away the parts or else someone could make too many and have no way of getting rid of it


wait there is never enough decoration :wink:

i see your point. would make sense to take it apart.
maybe if the flame goes out when the rope burnt down, you have to refill it with oil?

so take of the lid and you have 2 pieces again. the «plate with a hole» and a bowl.

btw: drilling the hole into the plate would be before burning the clay, so we wont end up with too many «plates with a hole» in it. maybe even with a clay nozzle you can turn «plates with a hole» into a regular plate so you don’t have to throw away the «plate with a hole».

but if you have to refill it, it would be nice to get fire from it. :thinking: so it wouldn’t be only decoration anymore. hmmm. not a fan of dismanteling it.

@Yumyum do you really think you would end up with too many? i mean you need 2 clays, a rope, a bow drill, a kiln, a oven and palm oil.


Oh and if the game ever adds matchlock guns you could put a cover on it and put it in your backpack to light the fuse


You could end up with the componets.
Like the plate with the whole part. Someone could make like 20 of those for no reason. Then youd have to find sonewhere to store them until you could make finish them. Youd also run into the problem of the light probably taking a whole tile being unstackable and not being able to be stored in boxes or baskets.

You dont need all the components to start making a item. Like you used to be able to just throw a four wheel set on a box and have a really fancy storage box that you cant move until you build a engine.

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I mean I figure if there is any way of pointlessly messing up available space, some people would inevitably do it out of spite or whatever, but since the parts don’t have any useless intermediates that other things do like steel springs that haven’t been put in the oven, and you suggested that the lamp would be dismantle-able, it should be fine. I also like your idea of fixing the plate. :grin:

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