Ok, I need help

I have been playing you are hope for a while now and it’s a great game but there’s only one problem, I am an absolute NOOB at it (like I am at most things) and I know ‘you will get better over time’ or ‘practice makes perfect’ only, I have nothing to practice. Every time I’m old enough to ask, I do but whenever I ask the person I’m asking simply dashes off suddenly needing to go in the woods for no reason so here I am, only knowing how to move or eat wondering around aimlessly just hoping one day someone will answer my question. They never do…

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They most likely went to grab something to eat or busy with a project. Like gathering iron or materials. Ill teach you some basic things here so first say what you do know how to do. Dont worry about the length of the message i have time .3.

Heres an old post from when the game was in beta and are videos from the ohol on pc. 90% of the info should still be accurate there just might be some newer features that it wont teach. But for the most part it should have all the basics you would need to know. Hope you are able to properly enjoy the game after learning all the necessary knowledge :smiley:



I can teach you how to water berry bushes and make pies if you want.

The best way to learning is by see others do it.
You can see other people makes things and you can copy them.

Or you if you died, you can observe them.