OMG I LOVE observation mode!

I was really hesitant to buy it. Meh, I thought. Who cares? Welp, I bought it today in the heat of the moment to follow a griefer in hopes of cursing them.

I LOVE it! I just had relatively noob kids and it’s been both a hoot and heart warming moments watching them employ newly learned skills. Though I gotta say, Jazz, I’m disappointed you’re ignoring your babies while tending sheep.

I think this is actually a great purchase and I will enjoy using it almost as much as I enjoy playing.

I do not see, however, a way to curse from observation. Am I missing something @Christoffer ? Even though I don’t think you should be able to curse out of actual game play, Imma use it if it’s there.


Not added yet, but in the works for a later update.



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Thanks. Yay! And boo! I’m conflicted. :thinking:

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Yea! I have it for a wile now, and I always use it to see how my generation was going. To se if they took care of my bones. Lol.

I also got to play together with my wife ones, and after I died at old age. I continue helping her from the other life, expecially in the hunting of a killer.

One thing I always wanted to have is a method of comunicating from the other world. Like if you could talk to them from the other side (obviously with some limitations).


Oooh. I really wanted someone to kill that griefer the other day. That’s awesome that you were playing together and you could alert your wife to the killer’s movements! Did she get him?


Yes she did.

The killer was hiding behind a tree every time that he killed someone. She did the same holding a bow and arrow. As he got closer, she shot him dead. We bouth jump exited out of our seat. It felted amazing the team work effort.
She end dying of hunger wille still behind the tree…