One of those Moral Codes

I have recently been exploring a few of the Japanese Servers and, believe me, compared to the English servers they are in a different league. If we want to reach a similar level I suggest that we agree on a set of common rules that everyone follows, including all those griefers with a vendetta against whatever and even developed towns. So here’s my three rule suggestion.

1: Protect the Children.

This rule states that whenever you have a child unless you are either desperately running out of food or it is obviously a dangerous griefer, it must be allowed to live until the age of 3. After that it is capable of surviving on its own and you can do whatever you want with it, even simply exile it. But the more children we allow to live to this age the more players there will be in any given area even if they are not all in the same settlement. This is really important when your population is so low.

2: Protect the Mothers.

If players are fighting, then they should agree not to attack mothers with children unless they pose a direct threat to them. As long as the females survive then the family line won’t die out and we won’t lose our collective progress in our civilisation building mission. Of course if a mother is running at you with a knife you can defend yourself, but otherwise if you have to kill anyone then avoid the fertile females especially.

3: Protect the Necessities.

If you have to raid a town, do so sparingly. Don’t destroy vital functions of the town for its survival like base berry, carrot and wheat farms as well as sheep pens. That way the town can at least survive even if not much else.

Now preferably we shouldn’t need to do anything differently to follow these rules, but if we do have to change for the sake of this code then it will probably be for the better. Rebuilding civilisation is a hard ol’ task and needs a lot of working together to do it.


I feel like people lack the communication for those things. Sometimes I want to play alone and I dont want to have children, part of the fun of the game is that you have to find a willing and good mother.

I feel like moral codes shouldn’t be actions per-say but broad, general, calls of good behavior.

Like Respect, Justice, Fairness. More detailed of course but those are a few branches.