One user to ruin it all

Okay so I know it’s definitely more like a handful but I wanted the LOTR’s pun for the title so oh well… anyway I personally think you should be able to block individuals in game so they can’t interact with you at all, speech, murder etc and it’s linked to their App Store or Play store, so as they respawn they won’t be born to you and you wont be born to them… I’ve encountered one tester in particular who runs from literally every child that spawns next to her… which is literally the biggest waste of my time, if I could eliminate playing with some certain players I’d be more likely to play, but with such a small community right now, those that go out of their way to ruin progress and destroy people’s fun just ruin the game entirely and make me feel less inclined to play it…

We are too small a community to be griefing each other! We are trying to set records for ourselves, see how big we can make a settlement, we’re trying to test the game and have as much fun as possible, which is hard considering out of the 48 active users, there is never more than 6-8 on at a time, and all it takes is that one person who gets bored and decides they want to destroy GENERATIONS worth of effort and hard work, to suddenly ruin not only the fun of others, but let’s face it, to an extent it ruins part of your day… each life lasts 60 minutes, if you’re reborn to the same family multiple times you can literally pour hours into a settlement to have a new user come in and destroy hours worth of work by multiple people… in minutes


I’m beginning to think it would be a better idea to have a duel/war system, so duels occur between individuals, and no one can intervene, fight to the death and has to be accepted by both players before it can begin… and the wars have a similar principle except it would be like Family line VS Family line… who knows we may even see family feuds lasting multiple generations and by the 20th generation like most family feuds neither will know why they’re really at war but will continue regardless because it’s all they’ve known…

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I know where you are going with this and i personnaly think its a great idea unforunatly jason (the devoloper) wanta the game to be as close to thw desktop version as possible

Good idea, but yeah… no.

Keep war out until there are 1000s of players on at 1 time… literally. Life is too short and precious, as you mentioned above, to have wars and feuds.

Jason isn’t a developer on this game? Christoffer is the head honcho for mobile, although Jason supports the idea of it being ported to mobile he’s made it very clear he intends to focus his work on the pc game, and as the games a public domain it can be changed as much as the developer likes without Jason’s permission, as long as they don’t claim the game in entirety was their own property…

Yes Christoffer wants to keep the mobile version as close to the desktop version as possible but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve the game? And would it not be easier to go about getting better newer things added to this game where it’s still in development, as opposed to the desktop game where there are literally THOUSANDS of people all screaming to get their ideas heard? Who knows we could inspire Jason and the desktop team to take some of our ideas?

I’d like to see the curse system copied over from the PC version. Will this be happening @Christoffer and @Jincheng?

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Perhaps not through the same invocation system. We envision multiple language support and we want to avoid user controls through speech.

@UncleGus You implemented a way to hit players with tools, didn’t you? Do you think we could adopt a similar system to “curse” players? Did your implementation require a lot of changes to the code or content?

There are two of us, actually, Jincheng and myself. He deals mostly with the “hard” stuff (code & architecture) and I deal mostly with the softer parts. Sometimes we mix it up. We try to make all the major decisions together, so we avoid chasing too quick solutions that may have to be abandoned later.

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It’s hard to play when other don’t take their responsabilities, but it’s a fact of life that this game maybe can’t remove, the struggle of a society in a need of perfect balance to grow up. The only way to block a user who is ruining the farm, the livestock, resources in general, even killing comrades, is to supress them, and there is no peaceful way to do it right now x’D just take a bow and fire an justice arrow. At least in the last patch the curse thing like born and you can mark a grieffer.