Order And Command

So I’ve noticed that parents seem to be in charge and though that’s how it should be, there is no order in some societies and It makes me mad to gather tons of stuff for a fire and some kid starts making traps when we dont even need rabbits.

I wish people made their own sharp rocks and baskets instead of stealing mine. In a large society that’s ok but in a smaller one every resource counts.

I want to create a social hierarchy within my next “tribe” or “family”

It would go Eldest players (wiser players)

To ones newer to the game.

Those at the top would be instructive and athortive figures who give directives to those who are newer. Though everyone would still have freedom I think people helping one another is something missing no one really talks they just do whatever.

I also what rules in the tribe like, No stealing peoples stuff.
Enforcing these rules and standards would be impossible without a group with knives dedicated to killing any who disobey or just run them out.

Sounds like a fair system to me since it’s just a game. But what do others think ?


People steal my stuff too, i killed the player for it got cursed by every noob in the town xd. After that i dystroyed it hate this game all noobs want a privite server!


Sounds like a good idea, might try it out myself

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Same. This random new player ruined a whole hours worth of my life. My carrots. My berries. Just picked em all to watch the soil shrivel and the plants die…

I was evil and lured two bears over to kill him and another person who kept feeding him after I told them TO STOP .

Anyway I haven’t found the rigt group of people to even try to create an organized society. Like a Nanny, farmer, all that stuff. I think it would be good to have two people doing a task as well such as farming or being a nanny.

I really wish more people thought this way,I would love yo just spend an hour making the biggest farm possible and having someone else help me maintain it.