Other hate crimes

Hi! I’m a user of the Kr server.
Today, I’m going to talk about trolling that happened on the Kr server.
Please note that I am using a translator.

This happened a few hours ago today, and Eve of this town was banished by the Japanese and was unable to return to the village.

It was a beautiful village, but they destroyed it.
When Eve rang the bell, five Japanese came to see her. They used stadifilum seeds from outside the village and came in ignoring the walls.

And this is the hate message they left.

韓国人が一番嫌いです-------I hate Koreans the most
韓国人は物を盗むだけだ --------Koreans only steal things.
スポーツの精神がない--------lack the spirit of sports

I don’t know what happened to these Japanese, but they’re causing a lot of trouble.(Shame on you guys!)

This is common in kr servers, and more and more villages do not raise children who speak unfamiliar languages.

I think something needs to be done before they ruin the game any more

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I am a Japanese player. I’m not good at English, so I use Google Translate.

There was a person who had previously reported on Twitter that his family had died. There was a person who wrote a terrible reply to that person, “Congratulations!”. The profile image is a YAH game image, and it seemed that vandalism was performed on a daily basis.

Malicious net trolls are participating in this game and it’s very serious. I knew they were harassing people from Japan to abroad, but they do whatever they can to hurt others from the safe zone.
And we also know that the operating company can’t handle it.

And I think this problem has caused a reduction in good players.

oh.Im sorry to hear that

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