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I have a difficult suggestion… Can we have offline mode? And maybe our own private servers?

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You can set it up like you can on pc , but it’s harder since it’s on mobile , you still need a computer though.

Also i have no idea how to code or make servers if you were wondering.

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I think the offline mode would be great. As well I think the private server idea should be like a offline server that only supports you. I mean that would be fun to have a little area all your own and play offline, consistently eve spawning there.

But since furthering the era and working together is the point of the game I doubt this will happen. But if it does it will be very exciting ! I would pay extra for a offline mode and private server.

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Have a look at this older topic, it may interest you:

Can there be one price, like it could just cost said amount and not change constantly. For 3
The price could be $2-$4 or even $5 for private servers just suggesting, feel free to use this idea. I just figured a stable cost system could help

There would probably be several tiers, like single player, 10 people, 100 people, …
And it would be a recurring cost, 30 days per purchase probably (since we pay for server rent on a monthly basis).
We know that a lot of you want this, so we will make it happen as soon as we can. Right now we have to get something else done though which is consuming most of our efforts.


I like it and personally I’d go single player as I’m very independent player
Will it be released as an update in the future? I know dumb question but I figured I’d ask now rather than later

Yes, we plan to do this. My best guess is sometime in late February, but that is not a promise. Things happen…


Ok, can you announce it when your ready to do that update? Oh and is it next weekend we’re getting an update? Idkhowthe update schedule works… Can you explain it plz

Yeah, explanation?