Other than parents change name

Some people give babies a bad name. Currently, you can use a bug to change the name of the baby, but it is difficult. Therefore, we propose that anyone can change their name up to the age of five. However, babies can reject requests for names from non-parents.

How about this.

…It may be technically difficult …

I use google translate.


Yes, I agree with you. When naming, there are times when you make typos or make strange names to make babies sad.


I’d suggest enabling nameless players over the age of 15 to name themselves. Sometimes your mother is afk and your siblings or other caretakers are too young to name you and it’s always a shame if the family name is just lost because there was one little mistake in the lineage.


I would say that the problem is not limited to names. Rather than struggle to fix the symptoms, we have invested a lot of effort in giving you the tools to get rid of the cause, which is the players who will behave badly against other players.

Banish the player and potentially ask others to do it too. You will have a new name next life, and you will not be the child of that player for at least 30 days. Players who grief by giving names are really putting a sign on their own head, saying “I am a griefer, and will try to annoy you. Please banish me!” So let’s do that - one less annoying griefer to encounter :partying_face:


Great :blush:

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