Our new game has been released now

Check it out, in a way it’s like the next generation of You are Hope.

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Will we be able to save our progress? Like the lily petal or is that not a thing

Right now there is only one mode of play available: Beginner

You live on an island that is not larger than 500x500 tiles. Each island has a name, and you can choose to play your next life on the same island. You can build landmarks (called “Cairns”) which can be seen at a distance, and can be used to navigate and find your way, so you have the means to return to the same place, yes. You spawn either as a baby by a mother, or as an adult close to one of these cairns. (If there are no cairns made on the island, there is a default spawn point)

However, the beginner islands have a limited life span. Right now that is set to 48 hours. This is to make sure that there are always fresh places to start at for players and we will adjust it according to the feedback and data we see from players.

The game is in development, so we will add more game modes over time, including possibilities to come back to the same place for a longer time period (for non-beginner players)

I’ve been playing for a bit now, I like it it’s nice but I’m sort of confused as to what to do? As far as I can see we can make some tools make walls and hunt but that’s about it I think? Is there a way to farm? And the place I keep spawning at seems to have everything created already

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Also there is a problem with the tools, to create an axe you need boiling water but to get boiling water you need fire which requires an axe

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Did you join the discord server for INL? You’ll find answers much quicker there.

Can you link it real quick

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Can you make this available on Mac also? Maybe in the next version?

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Discord link (it’s also in the game, on the main screen):

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I am pretty sure we will support Mac fairly early in 2022


Will this be ported to IOS?

Yes, but that will take some time. Probably the second quarter of 2022

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