Over sight with tamed wolves

Old semi-tamed wolves cant be shot with a bow.
Found this out a while back but forgot about it until ember mentiond she was making a wolf farm in our server.

This is something inherited from ohol which makes me think it is a simple over sight. Along with a few other things relating to it.

So wolves can be shot with bow.
Semi-tamed wolves can to
Pregnant semi-tamed wolves are also shootable.
But after the last pup is removed you can no longer shoot the wolf. Also because dying of old age for wolfs are like tool uses you can have semi tamed wolves that survive for exorbiant amount of time and their “tool uses” might also reset when they are far enough away from anybody.

Unkillable old wolves might also be impacting players willingness to tame dogs because the old wolves will continue to follow them and ruin their experiance of trying to tame animals.

So itd be good to make them killiable with the bow or perhaps take away their ability to attack like when we fed bears in the bear riding event so that they would act like normal dogs until they die. Id love to have a safe big pet wolf following me around.

Also take away that biased beating pit bulls to make them dangerous >.<



This is why I don’t tame wolves.

Wolf farm? Interesting.

What the purpose of that?

Renewable wolf skins. Also just something extra to do when youve already made all the farms you need.

Does wolf respawn after a couple hours? I swear I killed all of them in one place but they seems to appear out of nowhere.

I think they might respawn after a while but im not sure.
It could be that you did kill all the ones in a biom but the wolf crossed over from another close by biom that was baerly in reach or had a one mountain biom tile inbetween both bioms that the wolf used to cross over.

Or hidden behind a tree somewhere maybe it couldnt move because it had nowhere to go so it didnt make any sounds but when you moved an item or something despawned it got free. Dang sneaky tree wolfs >.<

after update, all animals will respwan in that biome

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These issues are handled in 2.4.0, which is rolling out just now.

Thanks for the valuable feedback!