Owning Property

I have considered with the upcoming plans that we could create a central area for everyone. With farms, small medical stations, a surrounding road, and all that. This would be the life blood of the entire village.

I feel like with our current system everyone would tend to the ‘capital’ and store public things there.

But what about when you dont want to live with everyone else ?
Since we dont live more than a hour I really never considered having your own house as something essential. But I do see the importance of property and owning your own things.

I think to own your own property it should be marked by sidewalk or something like that, as well you should have contributed to the central system to earn this private spot.

I feel like we should all help one another with these tasks. My personal paradise of a property would be a big ole farm of everything you could think of. And I would never pick them…they are too precious.

I dont have any big society systems in mind because no one can seem to agree on one and I honestly dont think it will happen in our current state of disarray.

But @Greenwood if we ever spawn together maybe we could start our own society stays quo XD


Thanks. The problem with property systems I find is simply how hard they are to organise. Villages see a huge turnover of items between the crafts and having a system where people brought everything from each other would be really hard. Perhaps we could start by taking over a craft in a village and then start asking for our chosen currency in exchange for whatever we produce, while also paying those we get supplies from with the same currency, in the hope it might start catching on. Thanks for your enthusiasm though. And you’re right, a central public area is also needed for people to use for free basic food and healthcare. Such a place could also be tended by those who either would or could not find a job. Most of the time though a system like this is left to the players in it. I always felt that this game was meant to have a capitalist vibe to it, judging from the developer’s notes.


I don’t like payment simply because that means we have to answer to a higher power which controls that currency. Which is why I do prefer the handy, Teamwork, Love and Peace Vibe.

Work together, work separately , voting, fair choices, communication and understanding. Also I can handle trade but I dont think currency is useful unless we have a real product that can buy anything else. I feel trade allows you to find any product you like and get the value you want.

If I have a rock I cant get a farm, because that’s just not ethical. I think people would be aware enough to handle fair trade.

My society ideal is a bit complex and when I say capital I mean a center. Like the Hunger games but without old white men presidents.

But any society would be interesting, I mean I havent been born into any village with any system of justice, or hierarchy. So literally anything would satisfy me.

I dont disagree with what you say, for me its just not the best idea. Like everyone might like it but I dont wanna live in it if there are other options. :heart:

I dont really feel like I wanna have a job for money, I want to work for everyone and they work for me and we communicate and talk and all that.
Uncivilized way of saying it but its 3 am. And yes I wake up at 3 am.


Good idea. I wouldn’t want to keep you awake, it’s only 12 in the afternoon here. I’ll consider a new system involving a communal basis and write a topic on it. Perhaps that’s the better and easier way after all : ).