Peace lily marker

Hey any long timers here… I really wanna try to build a town on my own but of course i can’t do that in one single life so definitely need to respawn to the same place

i followed advice from this post with the peace lily and all: Compass and Marker

but like the next life i play from the same server i do not have the peace lily compass as depicted by the instructions. — i heard you needed to be buried at the place but like if i just started a settle how am i suppose to get iron and everything to built a shovel and how am i gonna know whose bones it is i should bury

am frustrated any help or advice much appreciated else imma just give up on building my own town on my own


You don’t need a shovel to build a grave. Use a wooden hoe or a skewer. When u put the flower in the place you want rebirth at, die. You will be born at another town. When you turn ten years old ask someone at that town to bury you. That will take you home, you will find your old bones and u can just keep burying yourself to come back.


Ahh thank you so much! This make sense

Another questions though, i have been fortunate to be able to bury my old bones back as everytime I was the only one on the server. But then i started having kids and they forgot to bury me so when i came back my old bones were gone and i lost the peace lily compass-- what do i do now?

Do i just try to find my town and when i do put the peace lily thing again?

If that happens, live a life and ask someone to bury you. If they do, you will have your lilly spawn again, and you can “loop” bury your bones, as long as noone moves them to an unknown location or they don’t disappear by time.

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Yes, correct, as long as someone buries you, your Lily marker will re-activate. But also, if that gets difficult, you can re-activate it by 1. Living a life fully, only dying from old age at 60, and then 2. Joining the server again when there are NO ladies of childbearing age in the game to birth you. This last takes some luck, or possibly sneaking in when the player count of the server is 0.

Good luck with your solo town!! :slight_smile:

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The 60 years thing is patched. It’s been patched. For at least a year now.

What do you mean, patched? That implies some error or glitch? But this has worked as described for me as recently as last week…??

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Someone from another town probably buried you. But that method is long gone.

I am sorry, but you are wrong. It works fine. Have you tried it?

I do it all the time in the no-child server, since it is obviously so easy to come back there (no children!). I have a lily camp far away from the spawn town (South East town lately, I think) but will intentionally not bury myself to go back and visit now and then.

Well if you’re doing it on a no children server than yes it’s going to work lmao there’s no one else to be born to. It does not work on public servers though.

Yes, it is absolutely much easier on a server where the required parameters (no female of childbearing age available) is always true. It is possible with careful timing on servers like US-1 and USbeginner-1, where very few people play. And it is certainly extraordinarily difficult on a server like USbeginner-2 that has someone playing almost constantly. But that has nothing to do with a “patch” in the code, just the difficulty of meeting the required parameter.

So in the end your path to being reborn near your lily marker does depend on what server you are using and how crowded it is. Lots of players = ask someone to bury you! Very few players = ask your child to bury you, PLUS try to die of old age and see if you can jump in again when there is no one else playing.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for your help :sparkles: Valley farm would not be possible without you guys. I still have a long way to go but sheeps :white_check_mark: mine :white_check_mark: and the basics i managed to cover after 10 lives

Update: The living a full life til 60 year old works for me if i forget to bury my bones, perhaps cuz im on the Singapore server so its less crowded



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I think I could think of another way,but it might not work.

  1. Spawn into a large town
  2. Place lily and rebirth
  3. You should become a boy ( unsure ) as I rebirthed after 3 gen and I spawned as a bb boy :skull:
  4. Run away ,
  5. Start a solo adventure! But people may find your town.

I agree that you’re wrong. I did this a couple of days ago on US1

I also wanted to add this bc I don’t think I saw anyone else mention it.

As you know, your bones will decay if people walk close to them. One thing you can do is to run FAR away a couple of minutes before you die. Choose a spot where you will always do this. Behind a tree is where I usually die. When you get reborn, go get your bones. This works for me 90% of the time.