Peace lily on homemarker visible for everyone

I got a little suggestion:

When someone places a peace lily on a home marker, let the peace lily on it be visible for everyone all the time. And when more ppl place a lily there, just stack them on the homemarker. The lily just vanishes, if that person places a new lily somewhere else. A peace lily homemarker can’t be removed from anyone, unless the lily vanished before.

Here is why:

When I explore the surroundings I often see towns, some obviously dead, some in good shape but empty. I kinda feel bad when I loot this empty towns then, cause I don’t know if someone comes back because they put a lily there. This way everyone knows this town is taken care of, even if currently no one is around.

Also I saw it many times, that in my hometown the last person thinks it is dead, because no one is around anymore. The result is that this last person just does careless stuff, steals stuff, destroys stuff… or runs off with horse and resources. But if it would be visible that someone put a lily there, they might know it’s not dead at all and this person might be a baby again in this town and so might not be careless. And also if ppl see this they might actually put the baskets on crocks :sweat_smile:


nice idea :slight_smile: like a heads count. how many people are active in the town. also nice to link it with the peace lily so it’s obvious, that it’s thier main town.


I feel the same about looting towns . With the id system if you see a home marker and u touch n hold you can see if peace lily was placed and the id#. Works for me.


I didn’t think about that - but this is also good. But on the other hand it still shows last person who put a lily there, even if that person already got a new lily somewhere else. So with the touch and hold system you actually never know if this is still active. And when someone removed the homemarker where a lily was put on you can’t use the touch and hold system as well