Peace Lily?

I’m not new to You Are Hope, but I am new to the idea of placing a Peace Lily on a homemarker. How does it work?

maybe this topic will help: Compass and Marker

If you place a peace lily on a home marker, then whenever you are buried in a grave with a flat rock at age 10 or higher in any life and in any village, the next life after that you will be reborn within 50 tiles of the home marker that you put the peace lily on.

Hey Swizard :slight_smile: so if I’m not buried then I’ll spawn anywhere, right? Boo.

Yes, you will spawn anywhere. What you can do to make it faster is to die at exactly 10 yrs old, then try to spawn into the same family so that you can bury your own body, and then you can go to your peace lily location.

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Smart. I’m going to try it now!