Pepper spray!

I want you to implement a pepper spray.!!

【日本語訳/japaneses translation】


【English translation/英訳】
Even if Yuri comes out, it is funny for the bear to not bear on bears, so I would like to have such a function that you spray back and go back to the nest without killing the bear. Even if tochigo happens, I think that it is a good story if you can drop even the quality of it.

If you put in extra features that can spray the spray on humans, I want the ability to pour the sulfuric acid in the bowl into humans.

This sounds wrong…




This is an example in the case of putting too much unnecessary setting (snowball falls on it), so if there is no factor to hurt human beings it is totally unrelated.

I myself dislikes acts that deviate from humanity such as letting people spray pepper spray.



I think he/she means the peace lily doesn’t prevent bears from killing humans.

I asked my boyfriend to translate that part for me.

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You want to spray people with ACID???

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No, specifically it is an opinion that you want to eat pepper spray on bear.

Regarding sulfuric acid, it is an expressive expression that management does not put such a setting as to hurt people.



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