Permanent Homemarker

I would like to have the permanent Homemarker to be activated for more than one life. Sometimes I die too soon or I have nobody who can bury me. Then I have to play in the wilderness, hoping for a child which would bury me or I have to live 60 minutes to be able to respawn there and bury myself. It would be great if the homemarker would stay activated for the next 3 lifes. In this way I would still have the chance to be reborn to my homemarker and would still have the chance to spawn somewhere else if I want to. I also noticed that when I lost connection I have to wait until I can login again. During this waiting time my character dies because of hunger and I can’t spawn back next time. This happened a few times now. It would be great if this would be changed. Also that the game wouldn’t count a lost connection as dead to prevent the time I would have to wait after it. When I died because of connection and managed to relog into my character because it’s still alive, I also have no arrow anymore.

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