Permanent stump aka duck torturing device

When we cut down tree and took out all the branches and logs, we left with the stump. If we didn’t dig it with shovel, this stump will vanish on its own after a time pass. If you have ducks, it will be hard to find available stump without removing the logs or cut down new tree.

But there’s a hack for this and rather a bit cruel.

When we cut the duck head, the body will run away before it’s finally die. All we have to do is to put Unremoveable stuff right under the stump’s slot.

For example a fence. The duck will not run after its head cut off and will stay wiggling on top of the stump. Thus, stop the timer and the stump becomes permanent. As long as we didn’t remove the duck, it will stay on this phase. And of course it will looks terrible. Haha.


Good tip :heart: