PFS home marker and server closing time

  1. home marker carry forward like solo server does.

it’s ok for everyone to hv the last player home marker when they go in game.Then u don’t need to distinguish which player with what home marker, just give the next spawn in player the home marker of the previous player. If eve died, they can go back to the place which they are working on, but if another eve got the home marker, they can choose to stay and build but know her direction to the other village which she can build roads towards them, of cos she can choose to go there and make another eve spwan saved at the same village.

I have think of fix eve also, but if ppl want to build many towns and connect them, fixed eve will be a problem, but it’s always good to let ppl choose what they want before they spawn in, like I suggest the “eve/baby” option before.

  1. Closing time of server

two of my friends join my server and they are eve because owner and co owners are too old to have baby, and they start to build their own town and die before 60 because there is no more owner or co owner online. That’s no point for non owner to play as eve cos they can hardly spawn back to the town and they will easily lost their eve due to server shut down. if there are no more owner or co owners, the server can’t let friends to join, but the ppl in there can finish their whole life.

my server have 6 co owners, we are still figuring out how to make the environment better, and I would keep on posting suggestion here, hope the private server will becoming better and better. :heart:


Same! :heart:

Thanks for the feedback. I have seen other wishes for permanent home marker too.

I’m considering everything you write on this forum and I’m sure there will be improvements to both solo and friends servers coming.


Another vote for permanent homemarker on private!

Regarding Server closing (2), if I understand correctly, the problem statement is that non-premium members miss out on Eve respawn, since they die before 60 when all premium members have left the server. Then they can’t find their way back to their town next time they play.

Is this correctly understood so far?

It then seems to me that having a permanent home marker (which survives death of the player) would also solve the key problem in (2), since it would allow them to find their way back to where they were before. Correct, or am I missing something?

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yes, I think permanent marker will do, but they may hv to spend many time on travelling back to town each time without actual “building”, and it’s not easy for them to spawn as eve too.

Maybe the permanent home marker could act as a spawn point so people don’t have to find their way back?

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