Philllipines server

I wanted my country to be a server so we can get more players!

This is the idea the server will be phillipines-beginner
And to name yourself the player will say

ako, [insert any name here]
o, ikaw ay [insert any name here]

I hope the Phillipines server was added

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Not a developers, but looking back at the history, A new server happened when there’s a lot of players from that country or/and they are being annoying and racist.

Take a look at Japanese server because there’s a lot of Japanese players. And take a look at Korean server because they’re being racist.

So I think for a new server to appear there’s a few things needed to be considered.

  1. Are there a lot of players from that country?
  2. Is there’s a language barrier where there’s too much of non-English speakers than English speakers.
  3. It’s optional, are they being annoying, racist, and other rude behavior.

Obviously new server ain’t cheap so the developers will considering a lot of factors.

  1. There is a little players in the phillippines
  2. The Tagalog language is optional I think
  3. I don’t know if they are racist or not

Wow Have u noticed now u being racist to korean? LMAO

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Maybe. I’m just stating the fact that they open a Korean server because players are complaining about them being racist. That was like 2 years ago. Now the situation maybe different, idk, I just come back from hiatus.

Now, I’m not saying that korean people are racist and I’m being racist by stating it. (maybe I was. But that’s okay if it turns out that I was, I’ll admit it and maybe turn to better). But like I said before, I was telling you the story on why there’s korean server now. (edit the comments it ro tag you)

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Yea I got the point. So it was a fact that korean was racist and that’s why YAH made korean server? Korea server existed more than 4 years ago. And i can‘t even find any post that korean being racist to others. Which makes me hard to believe ur opinion tho :confused:

Dunno what annoyed u 2years ago, but I don’t want ppl get korean wrong simply by ur post :slight_smile:

I’m a bit off with the date, I thought it was 2 years ago but I’m wrong. I’m there when Korean server was open for the first time.

It’s a complex event. Korean was a great player, but they don’t accept foreigner. That’s what I meant by racist that they will abandoned foreign baby and they will murder foreign players because most foreign players are end up being a griefer. They simply defended themselves. But then again, non-korean was also being racist towards Korean. It’s back to back event. I was wrong by only putting korean as racist while in fact every party was being racist towards one another.

The more Korean reject foreign baby, the more foreigner players hates korean and end up grieving out of anger. It’s like a loop.

So being racist is one of the reasons why Korean server was open. I’m going through the old post I think it’s between 2018 to 2020.

I’m sorry that I make only korean the racist part while every party is actually racist. Korean players are great player that never grief, but they also abandoned baby so much that it’s annoying at that time.

Ah I found it, it’s around February 2019

Racist defined by your opinion: Those who don’t feed foreign babies

Yea Korean still racist cuz they don’t feed foreign babies.

Yea Korean simply defend themselves by killing foreign babies. According to fact that foreign babies turned into griefers about 90%. We choose to not feed foreigners because of griefing. We choose to become racist as u stated. We choose to not to take any risks of feeding griefers. We can’t even believe same korean cuz there are malicious korean griefers too as u already know :slight_smile: So we don’t really trust everyone LMAO. Korean are not only racist but also have trust issues~

It is easy to blame ‘racist’ but why not the griefers who actually started these matters.

Dunno why innocent players hurt and blame each others while griefers watching it secretly :frowning:

Yea I’m racist.(maybe I was. But that’s ok if it turns out that i was, I’ll admit it and turn to better)

Whoa ‘abandoning non-korean babies and cursing anyone that they feel like in the public server’ We call this trolling not just racist.

So this is how korean server made lol unbelievable.

I’m just curious, if korean server is answer to that is it ok not to feed foreigners for now??? Foreigners are not allowed to come to korean server? Nah still foreigners can come, still korean can kill foreign babies. We don’t really care foreign solo players as long as they don’t trolling, we don’t mind. But we do care when it comes to threat to our town. WHAT MATTERS IS THREAT NOT THE RACE. This bad loop gonna forever if there is no other way to stop griefers

I think the reason is not just racist but also language barrier and the amount of Korean players are too much.

It’s almost in every server at that time and the eve mechanism at that time making it hard to reborn in the same village if we die young. Since Korean abandoned us as a baby, our eve spawned got deleted. Since it got deleted, we have to start from the beginning every time. That is why people are mad. I don’t really remember, but I think the game are still named “one hour one life” , so they can’t make new eve system because they wanted to keep the original idea of one hour one life for PC. So the only solution is new server.

Yes, it doesn’t solve the original problem, but it solved the eve problem so people can still enjoying the game and continue their progress.

Sry to hear about that :frowning: Loosing town because of that would be really upset.

U know we have rebirth lilly system for now. We don’t have babies if we eat carrot seed. Maintaining eve chain is easier than before

Amount of Korean players are decreasing now a days due to trust issues. We don’t feel comfort and safe when we play game. We need to doubt every user in town whether they place rebirth mark to grief while everyone is gone. Eve can’t concentrate on game cuz she needs to watch others. While others feel uncomfortable cuz they being monitored :confused:

That made ppl stressed out. It is weird that we play game to entertain but in YAH we feel uncomfortable, suspicious, nervous and end up isolation(No more babies and solo playing)

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im a filipino and i dont know how to speak tagalog and only speak english. and my school keeps saying n**** for no reason but thats just my school so i dont know if its for the rest of filipinos

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Koreans are also racist, so it’s a fair trade

ThouElder is also racist, so it’s a fair trade